Create time for the important work tasks

We free the world of repetitive and boring tasks.

We have provided a simpler day-to-day operation for small as well as big Danish companies, and they have even saved money in the process.

Create time

Time is one of the most important thing we humans have. Yet we don't always use it as efficient as we could. We humans are good at one type of task and computers are good at another type of task. Why not let the computers do the tasks that they are best at? It creates time for us humans to do the things we would rather do and that we are best at.

Save money

There is a lot to save from automization and optimization. Not only in saved work hours, but also in the case where the best combination of different options needs to be found. In this case automatic tools often find better and cheaper solutions than a human can.

Increase productivity

Do you want to produce more units per hour? Or just complete the daily tasks faster? It could for instance involve predicting breakdowns of machines before they happen, so the production line does not have to stop untimely. Or it could be automatic construction of plans for the production such that everything runs smoothly.


New systems results in new opportunities. Many of our customers have seen new work flows emerge because of an automized and digital everyday life. What took hours of work by hand before now takes seconds, thus tasks can now be approached in an entirely different way.

Our areas of expertise

The secret to our automization success stems from three ingredients.

Artificial Intelligence

Computers doing human things.

Mathematical Optimization

Computers doing computer things.

Simple, Intuitive Systems

Systems that everyone can use – in particular those that do not have a Ph.d in artificial intelligence or mathematical optimization.

We are OpGo

Consultants in machine learning and optimization – Ready to make your everyday life a little easier.