OpGo Engine – Bids and Route assignment

OpGo Optimization Engine

Bids and Route Assignment

Demand responsive transportation and similar local initiatives present various planning and scheduling problems for the local traffic companies. Here we will see how OpGo Optimization Engine can be used to find the cheapest possible solution to an example scenario.

Consider a scenario where a local traffic company wants to offer various routes for the local community. Each route requires some specific type of vehicle.

There are 5 different types of vehicles, but some of them are interchangeable:

In this scenario, there are three companies that will bid for the various routes. The companies have these vehicles, and each of their vehicles can only be used on one route.

The companies place their bids on the various routes:

The full data set can be found here:

The goal is now to find the cheapest possible assignment of vehicles to routes. A vehicle can only be used once and each route must be covered by some bidder.

Luckily, OpGo Optimization Engine can solve this easily.

It might be easy to solve this puzzle by hand, but what if there are thousands of routes, companies and bids?

Here is a video with 2500 bids. OpGo Optimization Engine finds the optimal solution, in this case the cheapest possible solution, in a matter of seconds. It reads standard Excel sheets and outputs in Excel.

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